utorok 25. novembra 2014

Stuffed toys

From the early morning I knew that this day would be a good day for tea. When I opened my window, then boiled the water in the kettle and I saw the seam rising in clouds up in to the air heavier than others days. I knew that today is a good day for tea. 

There was I sample of spring ManSa waiting for me, which I was looking forward. Fall is non compromisingly leaving  as well as the ultra freshness of this spring shengs. Now they are mere and more likely to be drunken as months ago. 

At the early begging I smelled clean sweet smell of forest fruit and also nutty or something like slightly burned milk.

In the taste I felt light taste which was like trailer for a very good film which came in a form of light citrus like taste, nice sweetness (like white sugar) and cloves. The clean yellowish liquor came thorough my throat very easily and it was pleasure - not like ultra-fresh energetic shengs.

Aftertaste was volatile and stayed only the heavy gu-shu bittnerness which was by the time changing in to more tender tones of forest fruit.


Serious grave robbery
The dark-brown leaves before washing revealed the smell of honey together with the aroma of ripe apricot peel and wet leather. After the brewing, aforementioned smell became even more intense, but enriched by unforeseen sourness and sweetness. The report of development of taste throughout the first five short lasting (from 15 to 45 seconds) brews is as follows:

1. mild, sweet, velvet-creamy aftertaste
2. slightly stronger, spiciness in the foreground of the tongue, the background occupied by fruity chewing gum nuances.
3. bitter, but still having a sweet touch of gooey apple peel
4. sweetness of velvet/plush, sugar beet, very durable aftertaste
5. similar to the 4th.

Brown colors of autumn

The whole tea withstood at least 10 tasty brews, until it worn out. The leaves were smaller, having-pea-like colour and visible veins. The quality that I appreciated about this tea was its sweet squishy, velvet-like taste and aftertaste, which appeared inexhaustible in the way hot it gave my tongue gentle and tight hugs. Alternatively, I recommend children to drink this tea before the sleep as a replacement for their stuffed toys :-)


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  1. Ja mam to tvoje neskutocne fotogenicke okno strasne rad :) Po roku som sem zasa prisiel, pekne citanie, stale pokracujes v super praci :)

    1. Ďakujem a teším sa, že sa ti páči moje okno, tiež sa cez neho rád pozerám.Teraz sme sa s mojim kamarátom rozhodli, že kúsok niečo túto jeseň spolu napíšeme o tom čo pijeme, budeme radi ked nás pri tom budeš sledovať :)