piatok 26. decembra 2014

She once was the true Lao Man E.

The leaves before the rinse unfolded mellifluous flavour with fragrance of forest fruit, overally so pungent that it reminded me of the atmosphere of last night dream. However, after the rinse, I was startled by the influx of strong, gummy, harsh flavour, where even the sweetest part smelled rather gingery.

The development of the first five brews followed the similar pattern:
1. Empty, fir-like aftertaste
2. Bitterness, wood-pulp, tanbark
3. Sweetness, peel from the apricot and grapes, pulpiness
4. Bitterness, seeds, grains, drupes
5. Peelness, piquant sweetness, wet leather

Both smelling and drinking of this tea reminded me of my childhood consumption of fresh grapes. After biting its cure I always struggled with reaching its core without the feeling of seeds. Thus, I was careful to spew seeds out as soon as possible, but I often swallowed them and spoiled a sweet taste of the core. So I created a choicy habit of removing seeds from grapes beforehand.  During sudden bitter phases of this tea, I felt the same choicy temptation. Drinking this tea collectively, we noticed a similar reaction. Only the sweeter parts were called flowery, breezy and olivary in a good sense, while the bitter parts were called mucous, salmon-like and olivary in a bad sense.


Lao Man E, pu-erh.sk

Most of well produced shengs which I had chance to taste I liked. There are still some shengs even they are good, but I am not fan of them. One the tea mountain which belongs to this class is Lao Man E.

Firstly, I was caught by the smell of 2014 spring Lao Man E, which was robust gu-shu and clean with tones of fruit, honey. Then, in taste were mostly present bitter and darker spicy shades of grapefruit as well as light tones of vanilla and coco.

What was missing in this particular sample as well as last year Lao Man E was some specific clear aftertaste. It felt like a very nice sentence but with no dot at the end.  

So if you're travelin' the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was the true love of mine.
-Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

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