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Sunday morning Praise the dawning: Dung Ding

With my tea friend Denis is spending following semesters in England in Leeds, we have decided that is good to stay in "tea touch" and drink the same tea in time to time. So, we bought few samples, make the schedule and enjoy the tea :) Also, we came up with the idea that we would like share our experiences and toughs on blog. So, this is the first post about Dung Ding.


After a rushed bike journey during which I almost run down two squirrels that run into my forest road, being here in Meanwood park, Leeds, while smelling the twisted tea leaves of this oolong in my in shiboridashi shortly before sunset seems to me as if I got to squirrel paradise. The sweet aroma of honey, butter, nuts, which all together reminds me of puff paste, is refreshing for a start. Once the leaves are poured by water, they release discreet lime tones as well, which from time to time turn into a neat apricot nuance-yet of much more diminutive sort than the one present in young shengs.

The brewed tea pleases my tongue with extremely smooth and tickling taste, which could be best described by almond. Perhaps one could try to put almonds to the caramel or sugar and test on his own whether he can find this similarity. It also contains an oily element, as Matej has mentioned, but of a considerably slower and “hobbling” kind than gyokuro umami, which is more deep, instant and marine. I guess it reminds me of creaminess that you can find by licking pure butter by itself. All in all, I appreciate this oolong so much that do not regret buying 50 grams of it. Also, I will remember it as the tea during drinking of which I saw how squirrel nicely can swim for the first time in my life :-)


Sunday morning
Praise the dawning
It's just a restless feeling
By my side

I enjoyed the Dung Ding at my room and hoping that my recent flu hadn't influenced my observations (thanks to Denis's comments I can admire that are very similar even thought I didn't feel the best).

To identify the properties of the tea I would say that it has nice light butter-flowery smell and the flowery element seemed to me as I visited the florist's shop. Also, I found there light tones of honey and nuts. Well, the taste was smooth and sweet with the element of the mentioned "florist's shop", the aftertaste was acid-bitter as green apple. The whole tea has buttery and oily structure which was very pleasant for my thong.

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